All New Features for iPod Touch 4

Built-In Microphone

  • Have students record their own audio using the standard Voice Memo app. When you sync the iPod Touches, these audio files can be collected off the individual devices, saved onto your Mac, then burned onto CD or whatever you want to do with them.
  • Record digital storytelling podcasts using the SonicPics Lite app. Add up to 3 photos to your project, then narrate with your own voice. Make sure you don't cover up the mic. You can e-mail your podcast or upload it to a computer that is logged into the the SonicPics website.
  • Record students performing a Readers' Theater. Play back with speakers for the class to hear.


  • Students take pictures to support new concepts or vocabulary words. Use the Bump app to share photos with another iPod Touch.QRCodesPage.png
  • Take pictures showing different parts of a story or process--beginning, middle, end. Use for sequencing.
  • Take pictures to use with SonicPics Lite for a digital storytelling podcast.
  • Use the camera feature with scanning QR Codes. Go to the QR Codes page of this wiki right now.


  • Have students videotape themselves working on a math problem, or explaining how they would solve a math word problem.
  • Act out a story or retelling and videotape it.
  • Have students videotape each other reading a picture book or text. Then they watch the video to get ideas on how to improve their expression and fluency in reading aloud.