For a list of the apps we have on our 80 iPod Touches, see this page from our SteedK20Grant website:

For more description of apps great for elementary, Visit the Apps page from the SteedReads wiki.

I Education Apps Review ( )is a great source for reviews on educational apps.

A Few of our Latest Apps
Freefall Math
Factor Samurai
Stack the Countries Lite
Everyday Mathematics apps

Steed Elementary's Favorite Math Apps

Long Division (now $3.99)
Mathster (now $.99)
Equality Math (now $.99)
Kids Coins (now $1.99)
Counting Coins FREE
PopMath Lite FREE (the paid version is well worth it, has more than just addition)
Column Addition (now $3.99)
Find Sums FREE
CloudMath Free
KidsMathFun (now $1.99)

How did we get these apps for free? See our Paid Apps for Free page. Be on the lookout for free math apps in the future.