Classroom Ideas for using the iPod Touch

Our teachers are bringing iPod Touch technology into the classroom for use in small groups, pair projects, centers, as well as whole group instruction.
  • Centers for K-3: listen to read-along book apps, do language arts, math, matching apps.
  • Small-group instruction with kindergarten writing Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words (Doodle Buddy)
  • Math apps as a center for 4th and 5th grade (various apps).
  • Whole-class instruction on math concepts (Long Division, Column Addition apps...)
  • Recording a Readers' Theater in 2nd grade (Voice Memo).
  • 1:1 Reading for fluency in 3rd grade (Voice Memo, earphones, accessing teacher/student-recorded podcasts through our mobile Wirenode app).
  • Pairs--Videotape each other reading a book (Camera)
  • 1:1 Watching a BrainPop video (3rd gr. +) then taking the quiz. (BrainPop)

Tom Barrett's "Interesting Ways" series:

This is a crowd-sourced collaborative slide show of many good ways teachers are using the iPod Touch with their own students. You can add your own ideas and slide here. Tom Barrett is @tombarrett on Twitter.
32 Interesting Ways to Use an iPod Touch in the Classroom

Below are some great ideas from Tom Barrett's slide show, no app purchases required: