Classroom Tips
Watching a BrainPop video

  • Schedule iPods ahead of time.
  • If you have a Bretford sync case, it has plug-ins for 20 iPods.
  • Plan for headphones if the app activity requires close listening.
  • Try having students lay iPods down when it's time to listen for instructions. Just try.
  • Write names of apps you want students to use on the board. Show or describe the icon to them.
  • Once you have a lot of apps, students will need to use the Search screen more.
  • If students need to use the same iPod for more than one session, keep a sign-up sheet with their name next to the number of the iPod.
  • Establish procedures for distributing iPods and collecting them. The video at right shows how important it is to have a procedure for collecting the iPods from students.
  • Enlist student helpers to put iPods back in the case in numerical order.
  • Use a document camera and projector to show students how to use an app. Let students use the document camera to show others how to use an app.
  • If you are using iPod Touches for the first time with your students, or everybody needs a refresher on responsible use, use a slide show such as the one I made for our school: