Housekeeping for the iPod Touch

iPod Touches Headed to Classrooms

external image lab_20100409.png
  1. We get all the iPod Touches back into their carts at the end of the day so that they can charge and sync, if necessary.
  2. We use a clipboard system, a weekly calendar for for each cart, so teachers can sign up for using iPod Touches. They write their name, # of Touches, time frame, and whether they need the Bretford sync case (holds 20) or headphones. I keep several weeks' worth of sign-up sheets in each clipboard, so teachers can sign up in advance.
  3. We use Glad containers that come free with Hillshire Farms Deli Meat. (see photo at right). They hold up to 9 iPod Touches and work well for transporting small numbers of iPods to classrooms for centers. We trust our students to take the iPods from the library to the classroom in these containers.
    Bretford Sync Case, holds 20
  4. The teachers and I try to clean the devices at least once a week. I have several soft old white t-shirts that I've cut up into large squares. I keep a bottle of an organic cleaner around and spray a few times on the t-shirt, then squeeze it to make sure one area is just damp and not dripping. Then I unplug the iPod Touches one by one and wipe the surface and the back with the moistened cloth. I replace them into their slots and plug them all back in when I'm done. My plan is to show students how to do this, too.
  5. The earpieces of the headphones can be cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton ball dipped in alcohol. The teachers do this before or after their students use the headphones. This year, several teachers asked parents to purchase inexpensive headphones for their child to use with the iPods.cardsincase.jpg
  6. When a teacher borrows an iPod Touch for more than one day, I check it out to him/her on Follett Destiny, but I also put an index card with the teacher's name in the slot where that iPod lives. That way I don't have a panic attack when there is an empty slot at the end of the day. ;)
  7. I try to sync at least once a week. First I check for App updates on iTunes. Just look at your list of Apps, then scroll to the bottom right, where it says Check for Updates. Download all. Then sync Touches
  8. When it's time for a new IOS update, you will need to schedule some quality time with the iPod Touch carts. The current IOS version is 4.3.5. When I try to update during a sync, it's very hit and miss. Only a few devices will update and errors occur. Individual updating takes longer but works best. You will need to do this soon after an update release, because new apps may not be compatible with the older IOS version.
  9. 006.JPGLabels! I finally got smart and labeled the sync cables on my iPod Touch carts "Upper" and "Lower" so that I could easily sync the drawer I wanted to.