Mobile Website Apps

Read First: Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Page on Mobile Web Apps

Wirenode: Create Your Own Mobile Website

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A Mobile Website is one that you set up on a desktop or laptop computer, but it interfaces perfectly on a mobile device. It looks like an app you might purchase, but it is free and gives you an easy way to tailor your links so that students are not having to type in URLs or doing searches for a particular website. Whenever you want to make changes, you go to the website on the computer and update. In order to put the mobile website on your mobile devices, you start in Safari and type in the URL. Ours is When that comes up, you save it to the Home Screen.
Here is the Wirenode I created for Steed. I added links the school website, my library wiki, and podcast sites for me and one of my teachers. If a teacher wants students to go to a certain website, we can add that to the Steed Wirenode mobile website.

At the bottom of our mobile app, I added links to Tony Vincent's orange and blue number images, which we keep on the Lock Screen, in case kids ever change the lock screen and delete the number image.
I placed it on the home row of each iPod Touch. (Actually, I wrote out the instructions and showed a group of 4th graders how to do it, step-by-step. They installed the mobile app on the majority of our 80 iPod Touches and moved the app to the home row.)