QR Codes and the iPod Touch 4

Many thanks to Gwyneth Jones, thedaringlibrarian.com

  • QR Codes = A 2-dimensional symbology that can be read with an iPhone or iPod Touch 4 camera.
  • Information is encoded both horizontally and vertically.
  • Point and connect with a QR Reader app on your device. No need to type in URLs when you use QR codes.

Make a QR Code for your website or link:

Mobile Barcodes QR-Code Generator Tool

You can use this QR Code Generator on the iPod Touch or iPad.

On your computer:

Kaywa QR-Code Generator


2D QR Code Generator



Click on the Website tab and paste your URL. Save the code to your desktop as a .PNG file. Put this QR code on websites, signs, student instructions, brochures, posters.

Helpful Hint: Save the file as QR then add a descriptor of the content or website. For example: QRsteedwebsite.PNG

Put a QR Reader App on your iPhone/iPod

We are using i-nigma-4 (FREE), recommended by Tony Vincent


Get More Ideas for QR Codes!!!

"QR Codes: the Nuts and Bolts." Great easy-to-understand visual representation of how to use QR Codes in education.

"Hot QR Codes in the Classroom & Library." Blog post by Gwyneth Jones. The DaringLibrarian blog. December 11, 2010. The ComicLife Tutorial QR Codes at-a-Glance (top right) was created by Gwyneth Jones.

"QR Codes Connect Students to Books," by Lauren Barack. School Library Journal website, September 14, 2010. Features library media specialist John Schumacher in Naperville, Illinois.

Tom Barrett's 40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom

David Muir's "QR Codes in Education" Prezi from TeachMeet@SLF 2010